Our Roots

Rooted in the flavors of the South Asian diaspora.

Though our company is new, Power Pop’s roots trace back over 60 years to my grandmother's kitchen in rural India. Opportunities for women were limited, so she spent nearly all of her time as a homemaker and mother. After immigrating to the USA, popcorn caught her eye. She mixed the elements of her favorite Indian foods with classic American popcorn. In no time, this snack became a staple in our home. 

Power Pop takes its inspiration from my grandmother’s journey and recipe. Our family’s goal is to bring long overdue representation to the snack aisle.

Our Product

Staying true to my grandmother’s way of cooking, each bag is made with care. We roast and grind all of our ethically-sourced spices ourselves, and we use the highest quality ingredients for the base of our popcorn. Our bags are made in small batches to ensure quality, just like we do it in our own kitchen. 

Our work doesn’t end there. Each bag that’s sold helps support causes near and dear to our family’s hearts: empowering disadvantaged South Asian immigrant women and supporting food security in our local communities.

- Jay