Power Pop is popcorn with a purpose.

Every ingredient we source and cause we support is rooted in our family’s story.

My grandmother grew up in a small Indian town of less than 6,000 people. Born over 30 years before the Indian women’s movement, she was not afforded the opportunity to pursue an education or to work outside of her home.

Making an impact is in the fabric of our company.

We donate a portion of net profits to support causes that are most important to us. As a 100% Indian-owned business, we are committed to supporting organizations that empower marginalized, South Asian immigrant women.

As a company who strives to provide our customers with uniquely delicious snacks, we support local efforts to advance food equity and food security for those in need.

We never forget our history.

In an effort to overcome the inequities of the colonial spice trade, we buy our single-origin spices from small farmers across the world who have been disenfranchised by the food system.

That’s the power in Power Pop.